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Kevin Opett, Pastor

My Story

I was born and confirmed as a Catholic in Pennsylvania, accepted Christ as my Savior in a local Church of God congregation in California, and served as an ordained minister in a Baptist church in Germany. You could say I have been around the block both geographically and denominationally. 

My travels and experiences have taught me to appreciate diversity, to keep an open mind to new ideas, and to never judge a book by its cover.

My service as pastor is both an honor and a humbling experience. It is an incredible responsibility to help people discover that God peace is possible in our increasingly cantankerous culture.   


Congregational Ministry Team

This team works together to tend to the administrative, property, and financial needs of the congregation.


They are elected by the church members and collaborate with the pastor to provide spiritual and practical assistance to those in need in the congregation and out in the community.

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