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October 2022: Seasons in Life

Dear Alpha family and friends,

One of the highlights on my drive to and from Alpha is the magnificent nature I witness along the way. I take in the breathless beauty of tree-filled mountains, open fields, and rivers all teeming with life. I never tire looking at the landscape before me as I travel between here and there.

It is particularly amazing this time of year. One by one the green of summer in trees, bushes, and grasses gives way to vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown before nature settles into the slumber of winter. I cannot count the number of times I was tempted to hit the brakes in the middle of the road just to gaze at the sheer splendor of the view before me.

It is interesting that the seasons that demonstrate the most vibrant display are the ones which transition nature from one state of existence to another. Colorful leaves fall and leave behind a barren tree. Conversely, when the weather warms, daffodils and tulips announce the coming of new life. Each possesses a distinctive beauty all their own, but they both announce the arrival of a new phase of life is at hand.

I wonder how cyclical seasons in nature can help us make sense about the various phases we experience in life. Like the creation around us, we too, go through seasons of change. Some are life-giving while others can be soul crushing. But the axiom is true: nothing remains the same for long. The extravagance of spring overcomes the dreary austerity of winter. Autumn tempers the relentless heat of summer. We see the same dynamics at work in our lives.

Maybe we can draw some encouragement from this truth as we move along the continuum between extraordinary moments and the mundanity of everyday life. It can make us grateful for the people and things we love in our lives as well as encourage us to persevere when facing hardship.

While seasons come and go, there is something in nature that sticks around all year: the sun. It sheds rays of light upon both the leafy green of summer and the glistening snows of winter. No matter how hot or cold, lush or desolate the landscape may be, the sun continues shine its light through it all.

The same is true of God’s Son. Jesus is ever present as we move in and out of phases in life. In happy and carefree moments, he is there. In times of sadness and confusion, he is there. In the periods in between, he is there. I encourage you to take a moment to meditate on the nearness of Jesus in your life. Appreciate how true this is and take comfort that you are neither abandoned nor left to your own devices to navigate the various seasons of your life. He is with you always. May you be filled with joy knowing this.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Kevin

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